Beaphar Worm Awareness Week

Beaphar raises £5316 for Hearing Dogs at Worm Awareness Week 2015

Hearing Dog Rose with Beaphar Cheque

Beaphar donated £1 for every pack of Beaphar One Dose Wormer sold during Worm Awareness Week, which kicked off on 27th September, to Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. We managed to raise a a fantastic £5316 during that week, which meant we could fund the gorgeous Rose during her initial 18 month training programme to become a hearing dog. 

Hearing dogs provide an invaluable service, offering independence, confidence and companionship to their owners. It costs a total of £40,000 for the breeding, training and lifelong care of each hearing dog for the expected 10 years of its working life. With your support, we are hoping to raise at least £5,000 to allow Hearing Dogs for Deaf People to start a puppy on the 18-month journey to become a hearing dog.

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I can't see worms, so my pet doesn't need worming, right?Ginger Tom Cat

Symptoms of worms are very rarely seen in adult pets so even if you look after your pet’s hygiene well, worm infections can still occur. That is why it's essential to treat your pets on a regular basis, even if you can't see any signs of worms! If you don't worm regularly, worms can not only be incredibly irritating and uncomfortable for pets, they may be passing worms on to other pets and even humans.

No treatment exists to prevent an infestation permanently so the best solution is to kill any worms that may be present on a regular basis. By worming your pet every  3 months  you can be sure to keep those pesky parasites at bay!

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